What should I do if I’m hit by a car?


Few things are worse than those first few minutes after a crash with a motorist. You might not be able to tell yet how injured you are, or if your bike is still rideable. You’re probably facing a driver who is just as distressed as you are. Emotions and adrenaline are running high for everyone. It’s a tough time to try to think clearly, but there are some things you need to do to make sure your rights are protected after the fact.

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A card for the Centennial State

imageCheck out that cold activated label! Blue means it’s cold as the rockies.

[I haven’t been announcing these lately, but I’ve decided that such a bikey new state deserved its own post.]

Colorado is one of my favorite non-New England states, and I’m proud to announce that they now have their own version of the Bicyclist’s Accident Report.  Hooray!

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Bridgetown Ho!

9/15/12 UPDATE: New locations are being added every day, let me know if I need to update the list.

It’s taken a little while, but the Bicyclist’s Accident Report has finally come to Portlandia, thanks to my pals at The Sprocket Podcast!  

Loosely focused on bikes, booze, and alternative transportation, the show makes its way into an assortment of other topics as its hosts discuss “simplifying the good life” with their various guests.

I first met Brock back in January, when he was in Boston visiting his in-laws.  We had a great time, and since then I’ve been enjoying his show every week.

That’s why, when I finally got around to looking for a sponsor for the Oregon card, The Sprocket Podcast was my first thought.  Seriously, if you like bikes and podcasts, do yourself a favor and check them out.

So far, they’re available at the following locations:

Brock and Brandon have been doing their best to get them distributed all over town, but they’re not everywhere just yet.  If you want a bunch to give out at your event, or you’d like to see them at your local bike shop, book store, or cafe, let the boys know in an email or on twitter, and they’ll hook it up.

Go get one for yourself, and may you never have to use it!



Hello and thank you for a great website. Do you have any near-term plans for a Michigan Bicyclist's Accident Report card? If you are still looking for a commitment from a Michigan business to pay for printing, I'd be happy to ask around at local bike shops. Thanks again! - Kristen

Asked by

Hey Kristen,

You’re welcome!  We actually have a Michigan card all designed and ready to go.  Our sponsor committed, we uploaded the files to the printer, but it’s been a while and I haven’t heard from him.  I think it’s safe to say that he’s no longer interested.  Send me an email and we’ll figure out how to get this thing made!



Florida’s KEY to safety has arrived!

It’s official: The Florida Bicyclist’s Accident Report Card is complete. Isn’t she lovely?

Sponsoring the Sunshine State’s cards is Share the Road Apparel, a new company that promotes safe cycling with superior-quality biking jerseys and other gear.

Their message centers around Florida’s “3 foot passing rule” — a law that requires motorists to give cyclists a 3-foot safety buffer when passing in the same direction. This law makes being a biker on the road less scary, which, in turn, makes cycling more accessible for everyone.

STR’s mission is lot like ours, actually: if we can make cycling safer all-around with education and better legislation, more folks will ride.  And as STR’s website points out, more bikes will result in “healthier neighbors, fewer cars on the road, and less impact on our environment.”

Juan Carlos Agosto, the founder and CEO of STR, was kind enough to give us an explanation of how Share the Road Apparel came to be:

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All aboard in Buffalo!

I’m absolutely thrilled to show you this photo of Buffalo’s Bike Accident Report cards — printed courtesy of Green Options Buffalo.

Green Options Buffalo (or, GO-Buffalo) is a truly innovative organization that supports “healthy, environmentally sustainable, community friendly transportation” in and around Buffalo, NY. Take a look at their site, and you’ll see an impressive list of their initiatives and local events. They’re a real powerhouse for educating their community on pertinent legislation at the local and federal level, and for creating safe and eco-friendly ways to commute.

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Start spreadin’ the news!



It’s here! It’s NYC Bike Accident Report Card is HERE.

It was generously, graciously and all-around awesomely printed by Article, an NYC-based art collective who — in addition to being bold advocates of safer cycling in NYC — have their inky fingers in a ton of creative projects. Click here to see what they’re currently working on.

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