A year ago today I received the first shipment of the original Bicyclist’s Accident Report cards.  Since then, over 10,000 of the Massachusetts version* have been printed and distributed throughout the state.

Three weeks ago, I realized that I was down to my last few boxes.  Time for a refresh.

For this version of the Bicyclist’s Accident Report, I’ve partnered with Boston Bikes, Mayor Menino’s city-wide biking initiative.  

Are you a fan of the new bike lanes that have sprung up around the city?  How about the 2,500+ bike parking spaces we now have?  How about Hubway and Hub on Wheels?  

You can thank Boston Bikes.

Since their inception in 2007, Boston Bikes has transformed this city from one of the worst biking cities in the nation into one of the best.  We’ve become a shining example of the possibilities available to any town willing to follow our lead.

Things here aren’t perfect just yet, but you can’t deny that we’re making great progress.  Boston Bikes and Bike Safe Boston have some great projects in the works—I’m confident that together we can keep things moving in the right direction.




PS: If you want a couple for your wallet, or you’d like to give them out at your place of business, get in touch.

* In case you’re wondering about the other versions: in that same period we’ve printed over 175,000 in 28 different states.  Crazy. 

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