#DearDrivers, we have a winner

Pass the coffee milk and alert the ProJo—James in Providence, RI has won the #DearDrivers twitter contest!  I’ll be sending him a Light & Motion Vis 360 in this afternoon’s mail.  Here’s his winning tweet:

It’s simple and to the point, and there’s a friendly cheerfulness to it that I quite enjoy.

I also like the hint of pride in his certainty.  Cars may be able to get off the line a little quicker, but at the end of the day, a bike in traffic can usually get there just as fast as a car (and sometimes even faster).

I realize that it could be read differently (“see you at the next light, chumps!”), but maybe that ambiguity is what appeals to me.

The implication that James always puts his foot down didn’t hurt either. 

My sincere thanks to everyone who participated.  There were a lot of great tweets and it was a tough decision. 

You can read all of the entries here, including a take on “Call Me Maybe” by @etuni that I found delightful.

Hopefully Light & Motion will send some more cool stuff for me to give away and we can do it again.

Actually, this goes for pretty much any company: send me free stuff and I’ll give it away.  This was fun.



PS: James is the author of Car-Free in PVD, a blog about transportation biking in America’s most adorable li’l state—definitely worth a read, even if you don’t live in Rhodie.  In case you’re interested, he’ll be writing a review of the lights that I’m sending, so stay tuned.

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