The danger of riding unplugged

As bikers, we know to watch out for car doors, erratic drivers, and rogue pedestrians. But not everyone knows to look out for the hidden danger right at their fingertips.

Bar end plugs are little plastic pieces that fit snugly into the holes at the ends of your handlebars.  Every new bike comes with them, but sometimes they fall out along the way.  If that happens on your bike, make sure that you replace them right away!  It’s more important than you think.

That’s because bar end plugs are NOT just there to make your bike look nice; they’re actually a crucial piece of safety equipment, and they just might save your life.  Seriously.

Their purpose is quite simple: if you crash, and you happen to catch the end of your handlebars in the process, these tiny plugs will prevent you from taking a core sample of yourself.  I know, it’s gross.

Now that I’ve put that unpleasant image in your head, you’re probably wondering, “where can I get some of these marvelous things?”  Look no further than your local bike shop!  They’ll set you up with a brand new pair for about a buck (cheap!).  I know for a fact that my pal Emily at Hub Bicycle in Cambridge installs them on every unplugged bike that comes into her shop as a matter of course.

So go out and get yours!  It’s an easy way to completely prevent one of the most horrific crash-related injuries there is.  Also, you can get them with streamers.




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