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7/30/12 UPDATE: It’s been a while since I wrote this first post, and a lot has happened. Like my law practice, this blog has become something far different than what I had initially had in mind.

As I read this first explanatory post now (my first attempt at writing for the web), it’s clear that I have no idea what’s coming. What was intended as a blog about biking in Boston has become a resource for (hopefully) helping cyclists across the country to bike safer through a better understanding of bike law and the rules of the road.

I’m not sure if I’ll properly rewrite this post to better reflect what Bike Safe Boston is all about, but for now, this update will have to do.  In the meantime, here’s a recent profile that explains who I am and (some of) what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned, there’s some really cool stuff in the pipeline!


It’s a story that’s been bitterly rehashed by Boston bikers for decades — you know the one. You’ve heard it over and over at parties and in bars, at stoplights or, in my case, in my law office.

"I got doored. And it hurt. But I couldn’t get the driver’s info because the cop told the driver to leave, and said that it’s all my fault for riding too close to their car."

And although the situation varies, it always ends up like this:

"Now I’m stuck with huge medical expenses. I don’t get it. I was trying to ride carefully, but the car came out of nowhere — it’s like they weren’t even paying attention."

Sustaining injuries and monster bills, what’s an abused urban biker to do?

Without the driver’s info, the answer is “nothing” — and I got tired of it. “Nothing” just doesn’t cut it. Bikers need to be armed with “something” that protects both their body AND bank account.

So it became my mission, as a Boston lawyer, to promote safety in one of America’s best biking cities. I want to educate cyclists on their rights and responsibilities under the law. I want you to know what needs to be done in the event of an accident, and that you may be protected by our laws.

It all started with the Bicyclist’s Accident Report card — small enough to fit in your wallet, it’s packed with enough info to cover your butt. And the next step, naturally, is this blog.

Bike Safe Boston will be a resource for all things Boston biking, with an emphasis on bike law and policy. I’ll feature articles by builders, shop owners, advocates, legislators and other innovators in our cycling community. Expect links to bike-related news and developments, as well as posts I’ll write myself about local bike law and bike safety. And I’m always accepting submissions and requests, so you’re guaranteed to see the stuff that’s important to you.

Above all, this blog is about how to be safe and prepared while you’re zipping around the city.

So, check back often for updates! And hit me up with questions anytime (I’m also on Twitter). I’d love to hear from you.



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